The Uplevel Summit in Nigeria Organised to Honor The Olympics of Life

On the 27th January 2018 I have been the lead keynote speaker at the THE UPLEVEL SUMMIT in Abuja, Nigeria. As a main partner I was truly willing to elaborate on my formula for achieving success, titled The Olympics of Life, especially since the event was created precisely to champion this ideology. My formula was widely discussed by International and Nigerian state officials, entrepreneurs and achievers.

The one-day event was an international platform designed for aspiring and achieving men and women to find, nurture, and harness their potential for championship. The agenda has been poised to cultivate the Olympics of Lifementality of the participants.

The speaker line-up included international as well as Nigerian entrepreneurs, public figures, state official and all-round achievers who shared their success stories and visions towards the future. Very interesting and compelling arguments have been made by Ms. Oby Ezekwesili (former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria), Sir. Peter Obi (Former Executive Governor and Elder Statesman) and Amb. Unyime Ivy-King (U.N Ambassador for Women & Girls).

“Our vision through this platform is to create a world of endless possibilities that is void of limitations, in which men and women are encouraged, empowered and energized to authentically, tenaciously, and excellently discover and harness their potential to reach for their zenith in business, career and relationships, raise the bar and set high-reaching ”Olympic style records” – Shirley Hills (President of Shirley Hills Global and Summit Convenor).

The participants paved their way towards attaining essential leadership abilities thereby inspiring others and igniting transformation within their circles, companies and communities at large while striving for a life of significance, influence and legacy.

Overall, it is remarkable to witness the growing need that is emerging within society at all levels for a new mentality; a mentality ingrained in the realities of our everyday lives combined with overarching principles and values which can act as a compass to guide our trajectory in an otherwise hectic life. It is even more remarkable to witness communities and businesses that are willing to nurture such a mentality at group and not only individual level. Such an approach definitely is a pioneering one which will definitely be greatly appreciated by the future generations.

On September 6, 2018

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