Employer branding

Employer branding implies promoting a company in order to hire and retain employees


The employer brand is the company’s clearly defined strategy of attracting valuable working candidates in a timely manner and without excessive recruitment costs; to solve the retention problems of well-trained specialists whose replacement would involve considerable costs; and by gaining their fondness, providing them with good working conditions and opportunities for self-development, so that in time the people in the organization become supporters and promoters of the employer brand.


  • General brand audit
  • Employer brand audit
  • "Careers" section audit on the website
  • Audit last year's recruitment ads posted on all the online platforms of the institution
  • Social media audit

Employer brand rating

  • Assessing the organizational culture of the institution
  • Assessing the recruitment process
  • Assessing management techniques that have an impact on the employer brand
  • Evaluating the training and support techniques for new employees and communicating with them within the institution

Report and brand diagnosis

  • Evaluating all the materials used in outlining the employer branding (it will be decided which ones will be kept intact in the future strategy and which items will be changed)
  • An employer brand report containing all the results of the audit, the analysis and research
  • Diagnosing the employer's image on the labour market
  • Image acknowledgement

Internal strategy

  • Employer Brand Book – an integrated document that contains all the information related to the contouring, implementation and maintenance of the employer brand
  • Officializing an attractive positioning of the brand
  • Extensive Compliance Document for employees to keep the brand unharmed
  • Extensive document for managers to promote the employer brand
  • Strengthening the personal brand of leaders and senior management in order to attract young talents and to highlight an aspiring career plan
  • Consolidating a social media audit of the applicant before the interview
  • Establishing social media conduct standards for all employees to turn them into brand representatives
  • Suggesting strategies and techniques of internal management that are attractive from the point of view of the employer's brand on the employees, as well as the coverage of these techniques
  • Suggesting attractive training techniques appealing to Y and Z generations
  • Proposing development seminars for all employees

External strategy

  • Website – designing a distinct platform dedicated especially to employees
  • Integrating content that promotes the employer brand in the current social media strategy
  • Consolidating a promotion strategy for the employer brand through marketing influencers
  • Media coverage of all management techniques and development seminars on all platforms and websites owned by the institution
  • Promoting successful leaders and senior management with an attractive personal brand
  • Mediating the successful collaborations of the institution to develop the emotional link between the public and the employer brand
  • Designing a strategy that attracts potential passive candidates through social media platforms *
  • Designing a direct recruitment strategy on social media through direct messages *
  • Designing a strategy that attracts candidates through AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google *
  • Mediating all dimensions of the employer brand enhanced in the strategy through magazines, flyers and brand representatives
  • Designing a strategy that attracts specialists from various fields to meet the needs of the employees

Implementation and follow-up strategies
Implementation depends on the level at which strategies are conceived and the degree of adaptability to the proposed changes, as well as the opening to cooperation.

Following the consolidation of the strategy, KO by Karina Ochis can ensure the wellbeing of the partnership or it can collaborate with already hired suppliers of the institution. In addition to the audit, report, research and strategy, KO by Karina Ochis offers all the deliverables and materials necessary for the collaboration: workshops, trainings, social media strategies, website implementation and more.


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