Logos – A Must or a Whim?

You cannot exist on any market without using an essential element: a logo. A logo is a graphic symbol (it can include imagery or only type), a mark, a signature or an icon that helps people identify your company, organization or even yourself as a brand. Not all logos are created equal. In order to stand out in a world filled with brands, you need to differentiate yourself.

Depending on the materials or the channels you are using the logo on, feel free to be innovative. But first, you need to establish your logo’s purpose: is it for a person or for a product? Does it help you with your employer branding? By the way, you might be surprised to find out that the way you think you are perceived by your customers, may differ from how people really perceive and define your brand. From your letterhead and business cards, to your personalized car or commercials, your brand identity has to represent your brand’s voice.

A logo reinforces your brand. A new design represents a new beginning. It reflects your values and your business. Being the most distinctive visual aspect, it helps your brand stand out. A logo’s purpose has been achieved only after it has become familiar to the audience. A good example is Nike’s swoosh, Mercedes-Benz’s three-pointed star or McDonald’s ‘M’.

Designing a memorable logo entails an entire creative process. Creating your own design will most likely end up badly. It may sound appealing, but unfortunately, people tend to imitate other logos or craft a design that is not appropriate for their business. Avoid clichés by choosing a freelancer with background knowledge and experience, or by hiring an agency, which will also help you with other procedures such as nomenclature or brand strategy.

People tend to overuse their logos in an attempt to always stay on sight, when in fact they should focus on element consistency when comprising a visual identity (fonts, colors, social media content, online and offline reputation, and many more). In other words, a smart brand identity is noticeable in the patterns. A professional logo can change the way you are perceived by your customers, but also by your competitors. Make it powerful enough and it will become timeless.

KO by Karina Ochis offers a fantastic Brand Identity package, which includes both visual and audio identity. This package contains, but is not limited to: logos, fonts, brand colors, visual identity manual, voice, tone or even brand songs. Your brand deserves the best. If you want to stand out with a unique visual identity, contact us at office@kobykarinaochis.com.


On September 21, 2017

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