5 Personal Branding Mistakes You Should Avoid at All Costs

Having an extensive experience in the field of personal branding, I have also inevitably witnessed several brand blunders. I would define these as the actions that fail to build the brand and detract instead from the brand value. I am going to share five of the most egregious errors here so that you can steer clear of them!

Do Not Ignore Brand Mentions
Statistics show that 58% of Americans do not even Google themselves. But if you do not do it yourself, potential customers and employers will definitely search for your online mentions. As you start creating your brand on a variety of platforms, you will notice that your name will start popping up in search engines. This can be both beneficial or harmful. I recommend contacting a specialist in order to build some neat strategies for your Social Media activity, so that you can develop a clear and positive online image. It is important to also keep an eye on negative mentions which spread quickly if you do not pay attention. The best solution would be using Google Alerts and getting a notice each time your brand is mentioned.

Do Not be wishy-washy
Trying to please all the people is definitely a bad choice. When you have a strong personal brand, you should not be afraid of expressing opinions and taking a stand. If you want to inspire people and connect with them on a deep level, get clear about your point of view and make it public. Always know your message!

Do Not Disperse Your Personal Brand
The volume of social networks could be problematic for your personal brand. If you are active on each and every social network that launches, you will start dispersing content, and this can really hurt your brand. It is not possible to update all of your social profiles, as well as keep track of your pictures, profile information, etc. As a general rule, I recommend only joining the largest social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), as well as those networks in your industry (for instance, Instagram is very appropriate for photography aficionados).

Do Not Shoot for Quantity
It is not about the number of articles you write or the number of tweets you post. Never seek quantity at the expense of quality. The latter is what will make your communications stand out and attract exactly those people whom you need to influence. There is tremendous pressure to be visibile in lots of social media, so we are tempted to post, post and post without regard to the message we are sending or the suitability of our target audience. Avoid this trap at all costs!

Do Not Be Fake!
Real personal branding is based on authenticity. The most important rule: be the best version of yourself. It will be soon found out if you are trying to fool people by imitating something or if you are lying to your audience. Faking it is also a big waste of energy, so you would better use your forces to build something 100% authentic.

On April 13, 2017

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