5 Personal Branding Lessons from Donald Trump

By now you have probably seen the first episode of Branding Biz Club, the show I have recently launched on my YouTube channel. If you have not, you can watch it right now:

As you can see, in each episode I analyze the personal brand of a certain celebrity that may come from any field. I have decided to launch my show with a controversial figure that has an extremely powerful image – Donald Trump. Let us see what we can learn from him (because yes, we can steal a lot of personal branding tips and tricks!)

When we were filming the first episode of the Branding Biz Club, Trump only appeared to be the Republican presidential candidate of the U.S. 2016 elections. But by now we know for sure that he is the 45th President of the United States. By the way, do you think Trump’s political aspirations were beneficial for his personal brand? We would say “yes”! And the explanation is quite simple: people easily covibrate with the idea of “making the country great again”. Furthermore, it is undeniable that the election campaign brought Trump a significant increase in popularity. This can only do good to his business – provided that he stops making faux pas until November. But let us see the positive part of Trump’s brand and the lessons we can learn from what he has done so far.

Lesson number 1 – Do Not Procrastinate
Every day you postpone revealing your personal brand is a day wasted, when someone misses out what you have to offer. And that something you have to offer – possibly your unique value proposition – could positively impact the lives of other people. So you would better hurry and start announcing people that you are going to launch that project or you are just about to publish your own website. Make sure you have an exquisite Pre Launch campaign, just like in the Trump Empire!

Lesson number 2 – Build Anticipation
Whether it is your new logo or the launch of your public Facebook page, there is one thing we know for sure: people love the idea of “coming soon”. One relevant example in this sense would be the movie trailers that manage to build anticipation at its finest. So does Trump. He never waits for something to be “finished” to start promoting it. You can do excellent marketing while the project is “under construction”. Do not be afraid of the fact that you are new – if you are excited about what you are about to do, people will start gravitating towards you. Naturally.

Lesson number 3 – Exposure
When it comes to the exposure of the Trump brand, it is clear that this is the area of personal branding where he shines the most. Trump never waits for someone else to talk about his businesses – instead, he talks about them and manages to determine other people to start doing the same thing. Even if it might seem risky sometimes, exposure definitely creates buzz. And buzz attracts people. So my advice would be to start creating “news” about yourself right now and try to get as many reviews and testimonies as possible. Let the press know you exist.

Lesson number 4 – Surround Yourself with Celebrities
Do you remember the Celebrity Apprentice and how well that show was done? It was definitely not about mediocre people applying for a job. It was about celebrities and famous people that you should associate yourself with in order to piggyback on their fame, trust, name and audience. Start attending industry events, start tagging them on Instagram and Twitter and do not fear to engage in virtual conversations with them.

Lesson Number 5 – Guard Your Brand
We all want our personal brands to be omnipresent, but we should always pay attention to where we choose to promote ourselves. As Donald Trump says, if we “slap” our content all over the internet irrespective of the “quality of where you syndicate”, there is a high risk that our personal brand will be diluted. For instance, if you are going to create a personal brand that is characterized by luxury and class, then you should not associate the content of it with elements incompatible with your message.

I hope these lessons will inspire you and empower you to create an impeccable personal brand. Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact me or the members of my team at office@karinaochis.com!

On April 25, 2017

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