2018 Manifesto

Bigger, grander, better and on a larger scale – that is my vision for 2018!


I am not one to make pompous statements about the future. Yet, I believe I just did. So, let me explain myself in a few brief words.

I treat my life much like an Olympic athlete – this of course is not news for you especially if you have been following me in my quest for greatness. Why do I say “greatness”? Because striving for greatness will inevitably turn you into a dedicated focused proactive individual. Nobody woke up at 5 am in order to be ordinary. It is the “extraordinary” in all of us that changes lives, that makes a difference, that calls to action, that moves mountains, that wins in life!

Much like an athlete I have learnt that greatness does not happen overnight. It happens over many years of sleepless nights. Thus, it is faulty to claim – as many do: “This year is going to be my year”. This year – 2018 – is going to be a year in my journey towards my goals. I will stay the course and adjust my plan as I see fit. I will however play on a larger scale, shine brighter, make a bigger impact and ultimately bring value to more people. Definitely, more than I did in 2017. Life-long goals are called life-long for a reason; they take very long to achieve. Well, patience has never been my strong suit – I had to educate myself in the spirit of patience. I believe life to be about educating yourself, about preparing yourself for that unique moment when opportunity strikes. Ever thought what happens when opportunity arises yet you are not ready to grab it and make the most of it? You miss the opportunity.

I am now taking my time to evaluate the achievements that took place in the previous year. I reached a different phase in my evolution and consequently needn’t concern myself with matters of the past. I evaluate the hardships and the lessons. Finally, I move on. Too much training to do for my goal – no time to linger on the past. Which goal you may ask? You will know it when you see it. Until then, I train and prepare myself every single day for the next stage and the next stage… And my greatest achievement is that I have managed to teach others this incredible mindset – and they are now prospering.

I have also learnt to be my harshest critic as well as my biggest fan. You should try it too. You will feel fulfilled yet grounded in the same time!

Now, stop meditating and start being proactive. You’ve got work to do!

Best wishes and thank you for your constant support.

On December 22, 2017

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